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Geometry Index

Jacob's Geometry -- Contents

First Semester
Second Semester

-----About 170 Lessons --

Lesson 1: Introduction to Geometry
Lesson 2: Euclid and Constructions
Lesson 3: Algebra Review #1

2 Points, Lines and Planes

Lesson 4: Points, Lines and Planes
Lesson 5: Points, Lines and Planes continued
Lesson 6: The Ruler Postulate
Lesson 7: Properties of Equality
Lesson 8: Algebra Review
Lesson 9: Line Segments
Lesson 10: Polygons
LEsson 11: Summary and Review
Lesson 12: Test (this takes you straight to a quiz on doing coordinates -- it shouldn't be too hard)

3 Rays and Angles

Lesson 13: Introduction to Rays and Angles
Lesson 14: The Protractor Postulate
Lesson 15: Betweenness of Rays
Lesson 16: Finish up work from earlier lessons, or take a break if finished.
Lesson 17: Complementary and Supplementary Angles
Lesson 18: Algebra Review
Lesson 19:Linear Pairs and Vertical Angles
Lesson 20: Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
Lesson 21: Summary and Review
Lesson 22: Test on Rays and Angles

4 Congruent Triangles
Congruent Polygons
Proving Triangles Congruent
Proving Corresponding Parts Equal
The Isoceles Triangle Theorem
Algebra Review
The SSS Congruence Theorem
More Constructions
Summary and Review
Test on Congruent Triangles

Set 6

5 Inequalities
Properties of Inequality
The Exterior Angle Theorem
Algebra Review
Triangle Side and Angle Inequalities
The Triangle Inequality Theorem
Summary and Review
Test on Inequalities

6 Parallel Lines
Proving Lines Parallel
PErpendicular Lines
The Parallel Postulate


Some Consequences of the Parallel Postulate
Algebra Review
More on Distance
The Angles of a Triangle
Two More Ways to Prove Triangles Congruent
Summary and Review
Test on Parallel Lines

7 Quadrilaterals

Quadrilaterals that are Parallelograms
Rectangles, Rhombuses, and Squares
Algebra Review
The Midsegment Theorem
Summary and Review
Test on Quadrilaterals

8 Transformations
(we might go lightly on this and review other things)
Properties of Isometrics
Algebra Review
Congruence and Isometrcs
Summary and Review
Test on Transformations

Midterm Review

Review #1

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