Monday, August 16, 2010

Betweenness of Rays

Read pages 94-95 in Geometry.

Theorem 3 Betweenness of Rays
You will have to study the proof on page 95 carefully. Ask for help if you need it.

Theorem 4 Angle Bisector Theorem
Look at bisecting an angle

Try this vocabulary quiz

Try measuring angles

(these seem difficult; you may need help)
Set I
Set II

In this group, you are asked to match the statements with their theorems or definitions.
Hint: Look back at pages 94-95

#23-26 -- skip these ones.

#27 -30
This is algebra review.

ASN = 5x
NSD = 3x + 28

and you know because SN is bisecting the angle that both these two angles are equal,

Knowing that, can you do the rest?


  • Look at the facts about the figure.
  • Hint: AJD + DJE = AJE (because of the Betweenness of Rays)
  • Substitute the terms for the angle names, as you did in the last group of problems, and then you have an algebra problem that you can solve.
  • When you see problems like this, ALWAYS look for ways to do this.
#35 - 36

  • Do these proofs with me.

This was a long lesson.... tomorrow will be an optional day.

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